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We’ve now made it possible for you to order individual eighths of the OG House Blend for only $15 each (minimum $60 overall order still required for delivery). So get 3 for $45, 4 for $60, or order something completely different and add 1 or 2 OG House Blend eighths on to your order. This special is good all day, every day! Our OG House Blend is comprised of all of the flowers we have available for donation. In this mix you’ll get one hitter Indica’s, wake and bake sativas, top notch hybrids and every kind of high under the sun. Bud sizes range from big to small. This is just a great deal for those looking for a bit of everything. Find OG’s, Diesels, Purples, One Hitters, Wake-n-Bakes, Planetary strains and more! Be advised that from time to time the OG House Blend may contain seeds.


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