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Our Light Hydrocarbon Extracts are produced using FDA listed (GRAS) food safe solvents such as butane and propane. The extremely low toxicity levels and boiling points of both butane (30.2 F) and propane (-43.6 F) make them ideal solvents for cannabis consumables. The non-polar nature of light hydrocarbons strip cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis, leaving behind a concentrated solution. The solvent is then removed from the solution leaving behind a pure cannabis extract.

At Fresh Off The Bud Extractions, we utilize solvents of research grade purity (99.995%) to ensure our patients receive a product free of adulterants. Our extracts are produced in an ETL™ listed closed loop extraction system that conforms to National Fire Protection Agency code 58 and ANSI/UL Std. 73.  All solvents are removed from solution using oil-free vacuum pumps and laboratory vacuum ovens to ensure no contamination of our extracts.

Our extracts are tracked by batch number and packaged in our clean room environment to ensure every product that leaves our facility meets our quality control standards and acceptable residual solvent levels.

Available in Trim Run:

Hybrid – Cherry Pie

Hybrid – Gorilla Glue

Indica – True OG

Indica – Royal Bubba

Sativa – Bio Diesel

Sativa – Chocolate Thai