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Each FlavRx cartridge has 1000mg of medicine, which means that a single offering will keep patients comfortably medicated for over a week.  Keeping the user’s need for simplicity and convenience in mind, FlavRx is designed to fit all standard batteries with 510 threading. That means it’s truly a plug and play, a la carte experience.  Patients are free to customize their vapes to their hearts’ content, and with FlavRx, the quality of their medicine stays high and consistent.  This elevated experience is testament to the company’s motto, “Experience Higher Value.”

As the medical marijuana industry has evolved, the needs and concerns of its consumers has similarly come to mirror those of any medical patient. It is no longer acceptable for a manufacturer to produce oil and leave it at that; the fact that it gets you medicated just simply isn’t good enough. Patients demand and deserve to know exactly how their medicine was made, what strain it came from, and what measures were taken to ensure purity and potency.

When a patient visits a dispensary to buy buds or concentrates, they naturally make their selection based on the particular strain and its effects, so why should vaporizer oil be any different? It makes sense that FlavRx would place such emphasis on delivering strain-specific oils, and as such, curate a diverse lineup of proven strains that patients know and love.  Names like True OG, Blackberry Kush, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, and Girl Scout Cookies leave no confusion as to what you’re getting.

It similarly comes as no surprise that FlavRx is committed to its patients’ wellness and health. It’s a fairly obvious fact that no one wants to vape butane. FlavRx ensures safe, clean products through a super-critical CO2, solvent-free extraction method and guarantees no PPMs or unwanted residuals.  The last thing a patient should be doing is wondering whether they’re inhaling dangerous chemicals, so the FlavRx team took that element out of the vaping equation completely.

Finally, it’s an unfortunate reality that many brands seemingly sacrifice one of the most critical components of the vaping experience – taste and aroma.  One of the things that makes marijuana so magical is that every strain carries with it a unique and recognizable terpene profile. FlavRx does our beloved plant justice and incorporates full-flavored terpenes into every cartridge. When you vaporize the Tangie, you’ll think you’re sipping on a tangerine fruit smoothie. When you taste Girl Scout Cookies, that funky, sweet smell will envelop your mind. It’s hard to convey through words just how much difference terpenes make.