510 Thread Vaporizer Pen Battery and Charger510 Thread Vaporizer Pen Ba
This pen is on the cutting edge THC and cannabinoid
$70 OG Kush$70 OG Kush
From the sunny mountains of Southern California, OG Kush remains as one
$60 Blueberry Kush$60 Blueberry Kush
An all-time favorite. This bud tastes distinctly
$60 San Fernando Valley OG$60 San Fernando Valley OG
As you may know by now, we sure do love our OG
$70 Girl Scout Cookies$70 Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies is an extremely spacey Indica
$50 AK47$50 AK47
Aside from its violent-sounding name, AK47 marijuana is capable of inducing
$50 J1$50 J1
J1 (or J-1) seems to be popping up around a lot lately. Trust us, that
$70 Blue Dream$70 Blue Dream
You will find Blue Dream listed as a Sativa strain on most dispensary
$70 Green Crack$70 Green Crack
Green Crack's lineage is '89 SSSC Skunk#1 crossed with a mysterious Indica
$20 Grab Bag Mix$20 Grab Bag Mix
We’ve now made it possible for you to order individual eighths of the
$60 Sour OG$60 Sour OG
This bud predominantly tastes like its Kush mother, boasting pungent flavors
$60 Sour Band$60 Sour Band
Sour Band is a Sour Diesel X Headband cross. The Sour Diesel and Headband
$30 Black Label Grab Bag Mix$30 Black Label Grab Bag Mi
OG Kush Refined Sugar WaxOG Kush Refined Sugar Wax
OG Kush makes up the genetic backbone of West
Solvent Free Cherry Berry WaxSolvent Free Cherry Berry W
Cherry Berry is a 50/50 hybrid developed by Barney
Solvent Free Ogre WaxSolvent Free Ogre Wax
The ultimate way to end the night in a deep,
Solvent Free Purple Trainwreck WaxSolvent Free Purple Trainwr
Purple Trainwreck is the aesthetically stunning
From the award winning concentrates we use as base material for our Shatter
Pop Naturals 500MG Premium CO2 Oil CartridgePop Naturals 500MG Premium
Premium Vape Cartridges are offered with a 510
OG Kush HashOG Kush Hash
Very potent indica hash. Use with your flowers to extend your medication
Very potent keif. Use with your flowers to extend your medication's effect
420 Chocolate Bars (3 Pack)420 Chocolate Bars (3 Pack)
The 420 chocolate bars are another set of VCC
Paradise PiecesParadise Pieces
Four Paradise Pieces come to a pack. Paradise Ranchers are made with the
Quad Dose CBD Chew Blue BoxQuad Dose CBD Chew Blue Box
4 individual medicated chocolate taffies are
Trikom Treats (3 Pack)Trikom Treats (3 Pack)
Trikom Treats are delicious and very powerful
5 Grams of Shake5 Grams of Shake
Our top notch shake is comprised of all of the flowers we have available
5 Grams of Private Reserve Shake5 Grams of Private Reserve
Private Reserve Shake is comprised of only all
First/Mid Shelf PrerollsFirst/Mid Shelf Prerolls
Our top notch prerolls are comprised of all of
Black Label PrerollsBlack Label Prerolls
Black Label Prerolls are comprised of only the
First/Mid Shelf PrerollFirst/Mid Shelf Preroll
This is a promotional item and is not to be added