O.Pen Vape Vaporizer PenO.Pen Vape Vaporizer Pen
The O.Pen Vape Vaporizer Pen is cutting edge
$70 OG Kush$70 OG Kush
From the sunny mountains of Southern California, OG Kush remains as one
$70 Headband$70 Headband
This marvelous strain is preceded by the legendary OG Kush, powerful Master
$70 Mr. Nice$70 Mr. Nice
Meticulous selection had to go into selection of the father strain to
$50 Kosher Kush$50 Kosher Kush
Kosher Kush Will Put Insomnia to Rest Non-religious on every level; "Kosher
$70 Sour Diesel$70 Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel is a sativa strain to start the day. Its a pungent lemon
$50 AK47$50 AK47
Aside from its violent-sounding name, AK47 marijuana is capable of inducing
$70 Maui Wowie$70 Maui Wowie
Appearance wise there is a healthy medium green with big, fat calxyes
$70 Blue Dream$70 Blue Dream
The reason that this strain was the unofficial "flavor of the year" in
$60 Lemon Diesel$60 Lemon Diesel
Lemon Diesel is a superb and genius cross between West Coast Diesel and
$60 Sourband$60 Sourband
Sour Diesel is best known for (and gets its name from) the extremely pungent
$60 Grab Bag Mix$60 Grab Bag Mix
Our Grab Bag Mix is comprised of all of the flowers we have available
$50 Thin Mint Cookies$50 Thin Mint Cookies
Thin Mint Cookies, a hybrid cross of Granddaddy
Lemon Diesel WaxLemon Diesel Wax
Wax made from Lemon Diesel. Lemon Diesel recently placed top 10 in The
Double Kosher Kush WaxDouble Kosher Kush Wax
Blue Cheese WaxBlue Cheese Wax
Blue Cheese was created by crossing a Blueberry male with an original
Bubba OG WaxBubba OG Wax
With indisputably potent and strong genetics, Bubba OG is one of the strongest
500MG Premium CO2 Oil Cartridge for O.Pen Vape500MG Premium CO2 Oil Cartr
O.Pen cartridges are filled with 500mg of medical
500mg CO2 Honey Oil Syringe500mg CO2 Honey Oil Syringe
OrganaLab’s Honey Oil is a pure, organically
OG Kush HashOG Kush Hash
Very potent indica hash. Use with your flowers to extend your medication
Very potent keif. Use with your flowers to extend your medication's effect
420 Chocolate Bars (3 Pack)420 Chocolate Bars (3 Pack)
Minimum order of 3 bars at $20 each is required
Paradise PiecesParadise Pieces
Four Paradise Pieces come to a pack. Paradise Ranchers are made with the
Trikom Treats (3 Pack)Trikom Treats (3 Pack)
Minimum order of 3 Treats at $10 each is required
Peppermint Patty (3 Pack)Peppermint Patty (3 Pack)
72mg of THC medicated peppermint cream surrounded
5 Grams of Shake5 Grams of Shake
Our top notch shake is comprised of all of the flowers we have available
5 Grams of Private Reserve Shake5 Grams of Private Reserve
Private Reserve Shake is comprised of only all
3 Prerolls3 Prerolls
Our top notch prerolls are comprised of all of the flowers we have available