510 Thread Vaporizer Pen Battery and Charger510 Thread Vaporizer Pen Ba
This pen is on the cutting edge THC and cannabinoid
Bhang Stick Battery PackBhang Stick Battery Pack
Bhang Stick Battery Kit comes complete with Carrying
Skywalker OGSkywalker OG
Skywalker is a well-rounded indica-dominant hybrid that helps patients
Endless SkyEndless Sky
Endless Sky by Greenthumb Seeds is an indica strain bred from Grenadine
Dream Berry is a sweet, fruity cross between Blue Dream and Blackberry
Flava FlavFlava Flav
The Flav strain of marijuana mixes a female Romulan Indica with a male
Aside from its violent-sounding name, AK47 marijuana is capable of inducing
Cinderella 99Cinderella 99
Very fruity and floral with an undeniable dankiness and musky undertone
Blue DreamBlue Dream
You will find Blue Dream listed as a Sativa strain on most dispensary
Green CrackGreen Crack
Green Crack's lineage is '89 SSSC Skunk#1 crossed with a mysterious Indica
Grab Bag MixGrab Bag Mix
We’ve now made it possible for you to order individual eighths of the
Qush is a Hybrid cannabis strain best for stress. This strain gets its
Sour BandSour Band
Sour Band is a Sour Diesel X Headband cross. The Sour Diesel and Headband
Black Label Grab Bag MixBlack Label Grab Bag Mix
Due to overwhelming demand from our patients,
Honey Nectar Goo WaxHoney Nectar Goo Wax
Not much is known about this potent and tasty
Honey Comb Goo WaxHoney Comb Goo Wax
Not much is known about this potent and tasty
Venom OG CrumbleVenom OG Crumble
Venom OG from Rare Dankness Seeds is an indica-dominant cross between
Tahoe Chem CrumbleTahoe Chem Crumble
Tahoe OG is the perfect rainy day strain. Strong
From the award winning concentrates we use as base material for our Shatter
Pop Naturals Full Gram Premium CO2 Oil SyringePop Naturals Full Gram Prem
These Pop Naturals Syringes are pre-filled with
Bhang Cartridge All Natural Oil Half GramBhang Cartridge All Natural
Bhang Cartridge All Natural Oil Half Grams offer
Bhang Cartridge Pure Oil Full GramBhang Cartridge Pure Oil Fu
For the Connoisseurs. Strain Specific, PURE CO2
OG Kush HashOG Kush Hash
Very potent indica hash. Use with your flowers to extend your medication
420 Chocolate Bars (3 Pack)420 Chocolate Bars (3 Pack)
The 420 chocolate bars are another set of VCC
Paradise PiecesParadise Pieces
Four Paradise Pieces come to a pack. Paradise Ranchers are made with the
Quad Dose CBD Chew Blue Box (4 Pack)Quad Dose CBD Chew Blue Box
4 individual medicated chocolate taffies are
Trikom Treats (3 Pack)Trikom Treats (3 Pack)
Trikom Treats are delicious and very powerful
5 Grams of Shake5 Grams of Shake
Our top notch shake is comprised of all of the flowers we have available
5 Grams of Private Reserve Shake5 Grams of Private Reserve
Private Reserve Shake is comprised of only all
House/Mid Shelf Prerolls (3 Pack)House/Mid Shelf Prerolls (3
Our top notch prerolls are comprised of all of
Black Label Prerolls (3 Pack)Black Label Prerolls (3 Pac
Black Label Prerolls are comprised of only the
House/Mid Shelf Prerolls (1 Preroll)House/Mid Shelf Prerolls (1
Our top notch prerolls are comprised of all of