Loyalty Rewards Program

OG Deliveries is pleased to present our Loyalty Rewards Program which is offered excusively through our Mobile App.
Be sure to enable Push Notifications for our app on your phone to earn
Loyalty Points for each order you place which you can redeem later for free meds!

Stamp your loyalty card inside of the app 8 Times And
Receive A FREE House Shelf 1/8th! Your loyalty is your reward!


In order to take advantage of our Loyalty Program, you must first download our Mobile App. Once you have the app installed on your smartphone then you can start earning Loyalty Stamps for every order you make through us. For each successful delivery we make to you, you are awarded 1 Loyalty Stamp. The process of awarding the Loyalty Stamp is manual, not automatic, and it is overseen by OGDeliveries.org.

Once the driver arrives, you must present your smartphone to him with the Loyalty Card brought up on your screen via our Mobile App. The driver will then enter the secret password that will allow us access to stamp your Loyalty Card on your smartphone. Then he will hand your smartphone back to you. Collect 8 Loyalty Stamps and receive one free House Shelf 1/8th of your choice. Please note that there are no substitutions for the free House Shelf 1/8th.

The driver is not responsible for initiating the process to stamp your Loyalty Card. The onus is on the patient to request that their Loyalty Card be stamped and have their smartphone present to do so. Unfortunately we cannot authorize retroactive Loyalty Stamps. If you fail to get your stamp at time of delivery, then we can not give you credit for that missed opportunity at a later date. Be sure to have your smartphone handy at time of delivery and request that your Loyalty Card be stamped at that present moment to ensure you receive your Loyalty Stamp every time.